Your friend has health problem but does not share or explain this to his/her teachers or classmates. he/she is often absent from school and is not able to
perform well in exams.
Q.1 How you could help your friend ?
Q.2 What steps could be taken to deal with this, outside school ?

(please give answer of both question separately and sutable answer




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1. I will help my friend by assisting her with her school work, such as homework, classwork, explanation of difficult topics during the teaching of which he/she was absent, and helping him/her study well to perform better in the upcoming exams. Also, I will counsel him/her to to come out of his/her personal problems of being reticent about his/her health, and to express about his/her health issues to the teacher for the betterment of things at school. I will direct him/her to follow measures to alleviate his/her ill- condition so as to be regular to school.

2. One biggest and most helpful step to be taken to deal with this would be that he/she takes proper care of his/her health by taking medicines on time, avoiding consumption of food items that worsen the health, and most important of all- be socially active and not be an introvert. This will have a great effect on his/her health, both physically and mentally.  
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