The present generation undergoes stress and strain. The peer group pressure, physical and emotional changes at the age, tuff competition and the desire to excel subject then to excessive pressure write an article in about 150 words on the problems facedby young childrn and after suggestions to help them over come this



In today's competitive world, everyone has no choice but to adapt to the fast paced and a dog eat do world. If one fails to adapt to this, they will surely fail to excel at life.
Nowadays, every student has a drive to prove themselves and get good grades in order to have a secure future. But, during that process, they often neglect their own needs. As a result of always being stressed out, students often take regret able decisions, which lands them into undesirable company which will use pressure to make the influenced student to take some questionable acts.
This, is very common in modern India.
There are no foolproof solutions for such a volatile issue. But, some of my suggestions include that parents have to be more flexible and approachable to the modern youths problems. Also, students should be assured that it's perfectly human to go through ups and downs in their life. Finally, they should also be knowing about the hormonal changes that they will go through in their teenage years and that they are not alone in going through this ordeal.