Hi all my dear friends , teachers, and all who were a part of my wonderful was a wonderful journey studying at xxxxx[add school name] i still remember my day when i first came to this school i have to tell thanks to a lot of people but before that i in this school have enjoyed many moments and learnt a lot of things, yes now with a heavy heart its necessary to leave my school now so i thank each and everyone who helped me and thought me and were  my best pals luv u all guys.Actually you all meant my journey u are all the ingredients of recipe of my schooling in one or the other i wish u all the very sucess in your life may u reach great heights lets be frndz for ever and reach our aims making the dream of our parents and teachers finally thankyou each and everyone and wish u the very sucess...
you can also add some incidents where u and ur frndz enjoyed..n some anecdots..its a nice experience bidding a farewell speech according to me
My dear friends,  Today, we enjoy our last day of school. More than half of our life has been spent within these walls. Today we say 'Goodbye' to it. But fear not, mon amis, Because Goodbye is not forever. Goodbyes are inevitable. Goodbye isn't the end. Its just a way of saying "I'll miss you till we meet again." And meet again we will.
  When we used to get up, we knew what we had to do. Go to school. But now that school has ended that routine will get disrupted. I haven't quite imagined life without going to school. In vacations, you like the fact that you don't have to go to school at first but at the end of the vacation you are eager to go back to school. Imagine a vacation, that will last forever. Can you stay away from school then ? If we don't come to school, how will we tease our friends or bunk periods or roam in the corridors ?
   10 years ago, my parents admitted me in this school, expecting me to come out with a bundle of certificates, learn good manners, make life-long friends and be a good citizen. So did yours. Because of the wonderful teachers we have got good manners and I am sure everyone will be good citizens. We have made life-long friends and we all are at least going to have a passing certificate. Other than that the school has given us ample of opportunities to get certificates.
   Even though we promise that we will keep in touch, sometimes we can't. People drift apart. Friendships are lost. But what's lost can be found. All you need is the perfect memory. So make the best use of this time and make tonnes of memories to remember these good times by.
   But today, we must say Goodbye to this school. Not only a good bye but also a Thank you. A Thank you for all it has taught us may it be discipline, studies, manners, humility,etc Thank you.