the adventure is liked by children by reading stories.
an adventure can take u to find a treasure 
adventure is also bad that they will spoil studies , sometimes life.
 a treasure adventure can make u famous
adventurous stories are also very has an awesome ending.we are very eager to find out that the man is alive or death.
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hello and good morning every one. I'm ____________ ( your name ) standing before you to deliver a speech on my topic adventure. As a kid i always love to do adventurous acts and try to impress my fellow mates and even my best Friends. the adventure is loved by every one including me here. i know that some of us have even done some of the adventurous acts. the adventurous acts make us fell brave and they try to encourage us to be a brave and bold girl/ boy. the adventure is some time dangerous for us but really as my personal experience i say that adventure let you over come your own phobia. i can tell you all my experience i am too much sacred of height  and even the water then once my Friend helped me to over come those fears and now I'm not scared of heights and even water. now i try to do all the kinds of adventurous acts and show the world that I'm not scared of any thing now. the adventure can be in the every moment we live when we try to do and love adventurous acts.
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