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In plants Carbon dioxide ( CO_{2} ) is taken up by stomata and the water transported are mixed up in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll.
Then the product of this reaction is glucose and oxygen.
 6CO_{2} (Carbondioxide) + 6H_{2}O (Water) (In presence of Chlorophyll and Sunlight) →  C_{6}H_{12}O_{6} (Glucose) +  6O_{2}(Oxygen) 

It is transported to all parts of plant through Phloem.
Transportation of food and nutrients such as sugar and amino acids from leaves to storage organs and growing parts of plant is done through Phloem. This movement of substances is called translocation.

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Plant Utilises carbon di oxide by photosynthesis and transport it by stem but this is not a techniqual answer you can search it in details