Last summer I went to a beautiful hill station in himachal . me and my family had a lot of fun when I was walking with my parents , enjoying the views , I saw a blind old man unable to cross the road.I rushed to him and helped him . he gave me his blessing . next day when I woke up I saw a bird lying on the window pane unable to fly cause her wings were wounded. I picked it at once and helped it by bandaging its wings......... so this trip was very knowledgeable for me as I learned basic moral values like do good have good.......................
My father didn't have money to admit me in a good school.but one day in a lucky draw we got three ticket for shimla with ordered restruarant so we went there then
last summer i went to a hill station in shimla . there i see many beutifull nature scene. and when we went to a retrurant there was a big hill of shimla the restrrant was amazing . suddenly one man comes to me there he was very poor and was have nothing to eat . i gave him my lunch which i had in my bag then i went to sleep. in the morning i saw the same person in front of me who had came to in the night . today he was very ill . he had cold. i can not think what to do . then i called my father their and he give him a blanket and some food to eat . he take him to the hospital . and now he is ok and comfortable my mother give him everything he wanted to survive. in night i had a dream that- the man whom we helped was a rich person who lost his way and his friends in the mountains of shimla. and now when he meet again his freinds so he thenked us and give  my father a job in his very big company and now my father earns 2 crores per month.
               how good it was now i can study in good
 moral of the story.......----- the happiness that we get by helping  others is nowhere.
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