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Samarth, Here's the answer...
Let the C.P of the table be Rs. x. Then, 
S.P of table at 20% profit=(100+Profit%)/100*C.P
=(100+20)/100*Rs. x
which will result into Rs. 12x/10
Now, According to question,
C.P of table at 6% lesser it's cost=(C.P of Table)-(6% of C.P)
                                                      =(Rs. x )- {(6/100)*Rs.x}
which will result into Rs. 94x/100
And if he sold the table for Rs. 50 less,
New S.P=Rs. 12x/10- Rs. 50
which will result into Rs. (12x-500)/10
So, his gain will be= New S.P -New C.P
                              =Rs. (12x-500)/10 - Rs. 94x/100
which will result into Rs. (26x-5000)/100
and his gain % given is 25%.
   [{(Rs. 26x-5000)/100}/Rs. x*100]%=25%
  After cancelling off,
you will get (26x-5000)/x=25 and if you simplify, you will get 5000.
Hence, C.P of chair is Rs. 5000, and that's the answer....!!! Tada...!!!
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