Still exists today. Some causes of child exploitation are (but not limited to) poverty, lack of education, and bottom feeding. POVERTY - Poverty is the main reason for child labour. Poor families need money to survive and thus need to have as many family members working as possible. This means that their children also have to work as they bring in an additional source of income. Also sometimes in extreme situations parents would sell their kids to rich people as domestic workers for money. LACK OF EDUCATION - The lack of education is a very big issue in developing countries. Because most of the children are uneducated, they do not know their rights or the laws that may help/benefit them. As a result they end up being abused (receive cruel and intolerable treatments) or used (underpaid, forced to work even though they are under-aged). BOTTOM FEEDING -Bottom feeding is when big corporations take advantage of the poverty stricken and make a profit for their company. In this world of consumerism, most, if not all, companies want to maximize profit and they do this by increasing sales or reducing production cost. To increase sales, one main factor that they could change is the cost, if the cost is reduced more people will be able to buy it and thus they will make more sales. But how would they reduce the cost? To reduce the cost of the good, and not reduce their profit, they would think of a way to reduce the production cost, and this is where child labour comes into play. By employing children, they could reduce production cost, as employing children would cost less than employing adults.

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