The management and Fayol principles as they apply to McDonald's are:
Division of work-train McDonald's every employee to do one job, so each bevomes more experienced and effective.
Agency managers have the authority to give orders and resonsibility for the functioning of the enterprise.
Discipline-Discipline upheld.
Unity of command-Staff have one supervisor.
Unity of command, with the same objectives work together.
Subordination of individual interests to the general interest-not one employee interests are more important than the interests of the group.
Reward-McDonald's true for all employees.
Centralization-the employees usually do not participate in the taking of decisions.
Scalar chain-employees know where they stand in the hierarchy of the Organization, or the chain of command.
Order-in the workplace means clean, neat and safe for employees.
Capital managers are fair to their workers.
Stability of tenure of personnel managers seeking to minimize turnover.
The initiative provides the necessary level of workers the freedom to create and carry out the plans.
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