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Media & Networking In today's era, media and networking play an imperative role in lives of people around the world. People debate whether it is improving or crippling communication skills. So Good Morning to one and all, today I, Hrithik Katoch of class 11, am going to share my views on media and networking. Media means the medium (or channel) through which people learn and exchange news and information. Media is the intermediary between people, celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, and filmy personalities. Nowadays most of the people start their day by reading the newspaper they have subscribed to. Media includes newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the latest being the Internet on computers and on cell phones. Earlier people used to run media manually. There was a lot of difficulty in the job and limitation of information exchange. Now, due to the Internet, web technology & mobile cameras, the media and networking jobs have become very easy. Also, people are able to benefit much more. Networking here means interaction with friends, relatives and professional colleagues world over. The networking may be for official purposes or private purposes. The objective of networking is to synchronize with one another in terms of status and information updates. Networking in the old days used to difficult for people. People were in touch only with their neighbors. People had to travel from one place to another to meet personally. They could talk on phones, but with only some satisfaction. Media has been fighting against crime, scams, and exploitation since centuries. Now networking of people has made the media even more powerful. So media and networking serve and protect the interests of people. Even during disasters and calamities, media plays an important role. I would like to conclude by saying that in today's world media and networking has gained a very important role. It contributes significantly to the development of people and country, when used the right way so one must use media and networking in a controlled manner.