I want a discussion on Problem solving task -
Your friend has not done as well as she expected to do in her exams. she is upset and blames the teacher for her performance. Discuss What would you do to help her get over her disappointments, to move forward and to help her think about ways to improve in future and not blame others.

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That's something most of the students do! No good marks in maths, blame it on the teacher! No grades for Social, again blame it on the teacher! And failed in exams, the teacher again!!

The problem your friend here, facing is bad performance in exams! And thus, as a result she is depressed!
1) Why is she performing badly in her exams?
Reasons:_ i) she may not be interested in studying! Each and every one is created differently, some may excel in some fields while the others don't! it's not their fault but they are made up in such a way! Being depressed about it makes no difference; but to make a difference, firstly she must get ready to take failures and fall downs!
Motivation: One can't always succeed in one go, right!
Brush up your self and fight again! Take life as a challenge!

ii) she may not be confident in herself!
How much you express your views in public depends on the confidence you have in yourself! If you lack confidence at a particular level, it could easily lead you to depression, stress and fear! Whatever you do without confidence, you may find it difficult and strange! Confidence is like a mirror, you value yourself looking at it and insert scores on yourselves!
Motivation: You are what you are; No one can be you, coz if there's any other 'you' in this world, then that must be You!

iii) she hate the subject!
it's quite natural that she hates the subject and gets discomfort with the teacher! The first thing you gotta learn is to love the subject you hate! Make it one of the twelve impossible task, even before you start. Try to talk to the teacher! Turn your studying experience into fun! Along with her buddy she can collect interesting facts from internet. Research on your topics; know something out of the box!
Always engage your friends in debates so that your view about the topic will increase the quality of your answer!
motivation: you are sent to the earth with a particular choice, and your parents, friends and teachers are helping you to achieve it!

2) update your portion daily!
3) do have faith in yourself! Make up a timetable and give up three or four hours a day for other activities!
4) quiz yourself about the chapter you just completed studying!
5) be humble enough to ask others doubt and correct ourselves!
6) remember that you are RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR  actions; no use blaming it on others!
7) organize combine- study groups! And use internet and library to gain maximum knowledge about the subject!

8) Ask help from your teacher, to pick up your portions! help her open up to you! listen to her, and give her advises from your life-!!
9) doesn't matter how bad you scored today, never compare yourself with your best friend but with your yesterday and today!
10) Believe in miracles!

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Thank you very much. It will help me a lot !!