The True Hero
As beef ban in Maharashtra a month back was announced by the government to show reverence to the Jain festival ‘Paryushan’a, which was then stayed by the Supreme Court saying, “Beef being the poor man’s food cannot be forced down someone’s throat”. It is debated fiercely that everybody has freedom to practice what their respective religions contain and India being a secular country could not go about restricting its citizen in something as small as their food preferences. We can see the divide very clearly.
Citing the period of exploitation and the struggle against it that began from the late nineteenth century when our country was struggling to breathe freely stuck in the clutches of the British rule. People would say that Mahatma Gandhi got us the freedom, some others would say that the seeds of the struggle were sown by Bhagat Singh. But the True hero of India’s freedom struggle was not an individual but the unifying force, the spirit of nationalism, which united the utterly diverse society and then they stood victorious after a long struggle. We’ll observe the traces of defeats during that struggle for Independence everytime Britishers succeded in dividing people on various grounds, or whenever our self interest divided us, exactly like what happened with the revolt of 1857. Nobody alone could then lift them up except the unity that they lacked earlier.
‘We, the people..’ as its said in the preamble of the Indian constitution, which specifies that India is run by the people themselves. Aesop’s fables also reinforce this idea when it says “Divided we fall, united we stand”. If we want to excel, if we want to lead our lives peacefully, if we want to fight terrorism, if we want to flourish in all the dimensions, it would require unifying force among the diverse society, as diverse as India.