Everyone has this strange idea that being head boy/girl means you have to be kinda nerdy or really academic but it's not the case. Main things are: 1) Good communication skills- gotta be able to talk to people either as a group or on a one to one basis. But also listening is a big part of communication and you need to identify when someone needs to be listened to and you need to be able to do that 2) Confidence- gotta be able to talk to teachers and pupils confidently, also in front of large groups of people (I had to do a ten minute speech in front of 2000 parents, children and teachers in march as head boy!) 3) Problem solving- gotta be able to think about a problem from every perspective and figure out a simple and effective solution 4) Responsibility- you will be in charge of lots of things 5) Delegation- DO NOT try and take on everything yourself. Ask friends or prefects or your other half (head boy/girl) to do some tasks as well or you'll be overwhelmed 6) Approachability- people need to feel they can come to you at any time with any problem 7) Trust- people need to know that what they tell you can be kept between you if they ask you to do so 8) Leadership. This does not necessarily mean you take control. You need to be an adaptable leader. Know how to lead a team from within a team. A good leader does not stand in front of everyone. Most of all its about being there for people and being able to talk and listen where needed. It's about understanding what kind of approach a situation calls for and being adaptable enough to adopt this approach. =) I'm saying all these as I've been the Gandhi house vice captain last year and this year the Gandhi house captain. I'm saying this from my experience of being a school cabinet minister.