20 years from now, one of your class-mates becomes a famous sport-star. You have been asked to write his / her biography. Collect the necessary biographical details. Use your imagination to create his / her achievements in the sport concerned, and write the biography. Remember to write it in chronological order of events, and use the simple past tense as far as possible



I remember her from my childhood days. That shy girl who never talked much in the class and was always quiet suddenly came to a rowdy and bad behaved boy like me and asked for help. The occasion was a ball dance party in the school. We had to look for partner and she didn't have one for being quiet yes I was her partner. After that 20 years have passed she has always been the best girl in our class when it came to sports. Winning in interschool,district, state and even national level championships. And now she is one of the most famed international level sportsperson while me being the best student in class back then am an ordinary person now who just writes things in news columns. But still I'm proud of her.