The encounter with the snake and the dual response of the poet to his presence at the water trough reflect a conflict between civilized social education and natural human instincts. The poet writes a diary entry highlighting how he was torn between the two voices. Write his diary




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The poet in this poem describes an encounter with a snake on a hot day when he went to fill his pitcher.The poet was charmed by the snake's majestic behavior to drink the water. It had a yellow-brown belly and the snake sipped the water from the trough like cattles do. Then he describes him as 'a god' when he looks all around majestically.looked at the poet, flickered his two-forked tongue, mused for a moment and then drank a little more.The poet then was instinctively charmed by it.But then his inner voice provokes him by saying to finish the snake off as snakes are poisonous and must be killed.He then picked up the stick and chased away the snake.The voices of education and civilization that had shaped his thoughts gave him a urge to chase away the snake. His action was extremely disgraceful mean and harsh. The poet then feels guilty and sorry for his uncouth,disgraceful action and realises his mistake.

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