Every year you & your classmates discard notebooks and textbooks that are unused or in good condition,you plan to collect and donate these, so they can be reused. discuss with your partner--
-how you would like to implement you idea and what challenges you are likely to face.



Awareness in this case can be created using many things.You can write a notice to inform students to sell their old books at low costs by starting a book fair in the school by taking permissions. Various students can take part in it.Whoever wants to sell can sell the books and who are in need can buy at low costs.Whoever want to donate could also donate their books instead of selling. Students would understand the importance of such things by taking part in this book fair.They would not discard their books.Students would also have a lot of fun selling and buying books.Those in need would be helped and the books would also come in use.Thus, next year onwards, they would follow the same procedure.This would be very helpful.
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