Everyone cannot forgive others and the art of forgiving others is very important in our day to day life 

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Frogiveness is a quality of noble men. People need to forgive each other because after all we are humans and everyone makes mistakes. A person who forgives the latter proves to be a good human. In our country we already have the culture to forgive one's mistakes. We should treat others in the way we have to be treated. So if u forgive ur friend now then u can expect him/ her to forgive u afterwards if u make a mistake...
  Forgiving is very easy and is the best thing to do. We forgive people to show that we love others. We have to treat all Indians as our brothers and sisters and love everyone. I think that's what the Mahabharat, Bible and even Quran says. If u have a question why should i forguve others then think of all the mistakes u have done and just think why ur parents or friends  or teachers forgive u. So love each and everyone and always remember to forgive others at their mistakes  and guide them to never make the same mistake again...
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