Shylock  was 
1. greedy 
2. cruel 
3. irrespectful
4. not have mercy 
5. was very found of money that for money he can do any thing 
6. signs akward agreement for returning of money 
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i m sry i cant give u ten
hope these 6 will help u

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1) He is very greedy
2) Shylock hated his best friend, Antonio whom he loves more than he loves himself.
3) Antonio had increased the rate of interest in Venice thus causing the downfall of Shylock's business.
4) He was a revengeful man.
5) He valued money more than people. It is proved when his daughter elopes with Lorenzo who was a christian and Shylock was worried about his money rather than his daughter.
6)  He demanded the three ducats within a very small period of time.
7) He demanded a pound of flesh from Antonio if he could not return the loan.
8) Basanio asked him to take the double of the money he lended but he insisted on having Antonio's pound of flesh.

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