As the proverb goes, "before becoming anything, be a human", for becoming a human any person should have certain values and ethics. And these are the kind of things you actually need not work for it. U can just inculcate them. After hearing the word 'ethics' you may think it is something huge. But it is just inculcating small habits like respecting the elders, treating people eqaully and so on. And by doing all these things not only the other person is happy but also we will be happy from within..Moral values are the best way to understand life and lead it in a better way!!Moral values like HONESTY, TRUTHFULNESS, HARD WORKING NATURE, GIVING RESPECT TO ELDERS, HELPING OTHERS, MAINTAINING FRIENDLY NATURE WITH ALL PEOPLE, HUMAN RELATIONS etc are some of the examples of moral values.... ETHICS like RAMAYANA, MAHABHARATHA tells us many things about values. Like RAMA character in RAMAYANA who is surely the best role model to make our life simple as possible..............................THANK YOU!!!!

Hope it was useful..
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