George suggests making an Irish stew. Harris and the narrator first peel four potatoes for the same. When George says he needs more potatoes for the stew, then they wash more and put them in the post without peeling. They also put in a cabbage and about half a peck of peas. George stirs it all up. He feels more things can be added to the stew, so they empty both the hampers in it. They pick up all the odds and ends and the remnants, and add them to the stew. There were half a 2 pie and a bit of cold boiled meat left, and they put them in. Then George finds half a tin of potted salmon, and he empties that into the pot. The narrator also finds a couple of eggs that had got cracked, and put those in. George thinks they would thicken the gravy.

Montmorency also wants to contribute to the stew by way of a dead rat which he has found. But, George refuses to put it in. The end product is a great success. The Irish stew has a unique flavor and is nourishing.