Trees are our friends.they breathe in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. Trees purify the air and make the environment clean and pure.
      People always go for picnics to places where there are many trees., so they can enjoy the shade. Especially in summers, it is so very refreshing to sit in in the shade of trees and enjoy the cool breeze.
      Trees are useful to us in other ways too. They give us Timber which we use to make our furniture and as firewood. We use timber to build our houses too and we use wood pulpto make paper.
      Trees provide us with useful medicines. We get gum from trees and also fruits and vegetables. We get flowers from trees as well as spices.
      We should grow trees and plants around our houses and in parks and gardens and also in the open spaces in cities and towns.
    School children should be encouraged to plant trees. They can do it either in the school premises or around their houses . They government encourages social forestry. Subsidies are given to those who plant trees.
      The festival of "Van Mahotsav" is held every year to encourage people to plant more trees. Trees check environmental pollution. Many social workers have tried and are trying to awaken the conscience of people to the need for more trees.
      Do not cut down trees. Rather, plant more and more trees. If each one planted one tree, there would be so many trees today, sufficient enough for us to breath normally.
                              "SO GROW MORE TREES"
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