Traffic Rules & Regulations
KEEP LEFT to allow the traffic to pass on a two-lane road coming from an opposite direction on the right side and allow the vehicles on one-lane road behind you for overtaking from the right.
WHEN TURNING LEFT, be on the road’s left side from where you leave as well as from where you enter. When turning towards right, move towards the road centre when you leave and when you enter, arrive near road’s left side.
SLOW DOWN your speed at pedestrian crossings, road corners, intersections and road junctions and wait there till the passage ahead gets cleared. If you enter the main road then give way of passage to the vehicles passing by on the right side as the traffic on the main roads is not regulated.
HAND SIGNALS becomes necessary to give at times. Extend and pull out your right hand’s palm down when slowing the vehicles and swing the hand in the down and up direction. While stopping, your forearm should be raised outside vertically the vehicle, while changing the road lane or turning right towards left side, extend and rotate the right arm in a direction of anti-clockwise. To let the vehicle overtake behind you, swing the right arm forwards and backward in a motion of semi-circular.
DIRECTION INDICATORS instead of giving hand signals make use of direction indications and in case of emergency, use both.WEARING A HELMET FOR TWO WHEELER DRIVERS is compulsory. The helmet should bear and conform to ISI mark and ISI standards. It works like a shield or a cover for the head during any mishap that occurs. It is so designed that it provides individual safety. It is not for covering any legal prosecution. Tie the helmet strap properly for the safety otherwise the strap of the helmet may get slipped from the head during any head injury in an accident. (Sikhs wearing Turbans are exempted from wearing a helmet