"Without climbing on the mountain hardship
one may not know the joy of hope."

A warm pleasant morning to one and all present over here.
my self _____ from class___ standing before you to deliver a speech on GAMES

In this fast and furious world academics plays the most important role in every student. Most of the patents are thinking that academic studies is alone enough for my child and the sports and games is useless for child. But one must know that it is the games which makes a student ideal for the future. Clinging on with studies alone can make a student mentally ill, so he/she needs some relaxation and this can obtained by playing some games. Many students thinks that games means playing video games is more than enough but for their information video games causes many nervous disorders. So what should we do ??!! Here is the answer.. pull your socks up and step onto the ground and play some energetic games with your friends. This will make you physically and also mentally fit.

Academic studies is do very important but playing a game for an hour per day is not a wrong thing.

with this I wind my speech, thank you and have good day.

hope it helped you
with regards
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