2. I wish that I ______ Juanita that she won't be chosen for the school baseball team. A) won't have to tell B) shouldn't be telling C) didn't have to tell D) cannot tell E) don't have to tell3. Write a sentence by placing these word in the correct order: a) brother b) my c) lives d) New York e) in A) In brother lives my New York. B) My New York lives in brother. C) My brother lives in New York. D) New York my brother in lives. E) Brother lives in New York my.4. Taking a sleeping pill is ______ excellent way to fall asleep. A) a B) these C) an D) the E) [ none ]5. The cat was sitting ______ the living room before she went ______ the kitchen. A) in / into B) into / on C) in / at D) in / on E) on / at



Didn't have to tell.... My brother lives in New York... An excellent way... In the living room,into the kitchen.
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