Your friend is very good at cricket. He has playedat district and state level from school. Now hewants to join a professional club. His parents arereluctant to grant him permission.With your partner discuss:• why his parents are reluctant to permit him.• what he should do to convince his parents.



He could say that he would have a bright life in the future as a celebrity as compared to other occupations.he could say that if we go behind our talents we would get a ripe fruit .he had bagged many prizes in school,district and state levels.he could say that parents r the people who encourage students and they r not the people who discourage their latter.he could also narrate some incidence of celebrities in which their parents had guided them.he could narrate other incidence such as how his parents would have boosted him to win the cup and make a good cricketer who is the caption of his school team.
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