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 " I would like to take the topic as a class room situation while teacher is explain the lesson "
conversation :
person 1 : hey buddy do you know what our physics  teacher is explain which lesson ? I don't even understand any thing presently and even in the past.
person 2 : she is explain about the faradize law presently. dwelling in the first bench you don't even know what is she teaching.
person 1 : oh leave about me I'm at least asking about the lesson name the back benchers would ask you who is this teacher and what is her name and what is she doing in our class.
person 2 : what they don't even know the teacher ? oh this is too much buddy this teacher is teaching us since past 7 months and you say that you don't even know her name .
person 1 : umm wait what did you say about the lesson or topic name ?
person 2 : I said it before only right is it the faradize law.
person 1 : I never heard this faradize law but I have heard the paradise ( heaven )
person 2 : haha it is not the heaven you think it is the physics law.
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