Get your hearing checked, too If a friend or family member has recently been told by others or realized that he or she has hearing loss and is heading to the audiologist to have his or her hearing checked, you can offer to go along as a show of support. 
Listen and understandWhen people start to come to terms with their hearing loss, they often go through a grieving process, just as many people do for the loss of another function. You can support someone with hearing loss by listening to them and being empathetic. Recognize that the grieving process often involves denial, anger, guilt, fear, sadness, confusion and loneliness. Let your friend talk it out through the conversation, and you'll better understand him or her when you realize that he or she is dealing with denial, anger or sadness at the loss of his or her hearing.Practice good communication skillsBy now, you probably know that when speaking to someone with hearing loss, it takes much more effort. No longer can you have a conversation from another room and have a deep, meaningful chat in a very loud restaurant. However, the pros of conversing with someone with hearing loss, for both of you, is that you're really focused on what you're saying and that other person. You can't multi-task because you need to face each other so the person with hearing loss can lipread if necessary.