1)when the 2nd world war broke out in 1939, congress leaders were ready to support the British war effort .but in return they wanted India to be granted Independence after the war . the British to concede the demand which led to the resignation of congress ministers in protest . 
2)in 1940 Muslim league had moved a resolution demanding independent states for the Muslims in the north - western and eastern areas of the country
3) quit India movement 1942 ,gandhiji launched a mass movement against the British . in august 1942 he gave forth the slogan ' quit India ' the congress passed a resolution on 8th august 1942 demanding British must quit India immediately. very next day congress was banned and all the top leaders including gandhiji was arrested .
4)cabinet mission sent in march 1946 recommended the formation of a constituent assembly and an interim government to run the administration .
5)congress swept the polls for the constituent assembly . viceroy invited congress to form interim government after rejecting Muslim league's offer to form an interim government without congress . enraged league observed direct action day on16th august 1946.
6)mountbatten became the last viceroy of British India . mountbatten plan , given effect by Indian independence act , created two nations - India and Pakistan at midnight of 15th august 1947. mountbatten became the governor general of dominion of India fallowed by c.rajopachari . the constituent assembly became India's Parliament and pt jawaharlal nehru India's first prime minister.