You found a book from the school library lying on one of the tables of your class room at the end of the day. You gave'it to the class monitor to hand it over to the class teacher however he has misplaced it and is unable to return it,discuss withwith your partner

A) what you and the monitor will need to do and

B) how you will resolve the situation. Follows up question: a)what can you tell him to counter this view? b) what other steps could you both take? c) what role do you think your friend could play in? d) How easy difficult do you think it would before you to suggest?why?



U shud tell the class monitor that being a class monitor , he can't be that irresponsible. the book should be bought in order to return it. u can warn him. u can put a notice on the bulletin board relating all this.
hope dis ans hlpd u ..:)
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