Technology has many branches and levels, from cell phones to the internet and even for medical purposes. However, cell phones and the internet have taken the main role in changing our society. I find it truly amazing that a person from China is able to talk to a person from the United States, all through the internet. Programs such as facebook make finding an old childhood friend extremely easy, all that is to be done is type in their name. On a smaller scale, technology such as the cell phones helps people with their everyday lives. For example, if I need a fast response or send a quick reminder, I am able to send a text message to the individual I am trying to reach, it is a fast and efficient way to communicate. If I want to stay in touch with a friend from another school or city, I am able to text them or call them. If I need to research a topic for an essay, I would go online and use a search engine to pull up facts on my topic. For some, it is not even necessary to go to a library anymore, most books are online. Also, technology such as the ipod has completely replaced the need for a CD player, and installments such as itunes, makes it not even necessary to go out and buy a CD. These advances in technology are things that we as a society cannot live without.
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