What does the word "fashion" mean to you?How much attention do you pay to fashion in the way you dress?When you read a newspaper, do you read the fashion pages? If so, what sort of information do they usually provide?Does fashion allow people to express their individuality or does it force people to conform?Does the media (or the fashion industry) play some role in creating or continuing stereotypes? What duty, if any, does the media (or fashion industry) have to change these stereotypes?What do you think of the accusation that the fashion industry is in some way to blame for the level of anorexia in the western world?Is the purpose of fashion shows to sell clothes or are they simply a method of advertising the designer's name?How often have you actually seen someone actually wearing some of the more extreme fashion show creations? Does anybody wear them?Do you think that being a fashion model would be an enjoyable interesting life? Would you like to be one?What is in fashion for women this year?What is in fashion for men this year?
Is maintaining one's health is important ot maintaining fashion or beauty?