To stop nationalists from revolting against remove rowlatt act. Martial law was imposed in India in 1919....
Martial law is the suspension of all normal legal codes and the direct imposition of military control of civil society by the government itself.It was imposed on March 18, 1919. It was passed to to stop the nationalists revolt and stop the rowaltt act.There is also no specific or express provision in the Constitution that authorises the executive to declare martial law. However, it is implicit in Article 34 under which martial law can be declared in any area within the territory of India. The martial law is imposed under the extraordinary circumstances like war, invasion, insurrection, rebellion, riot or any violent resistance to law. Its justification is to repel force by force for maintaining or restoring order in the society. During the operation of martial law, the military authorities are vested with abnormal powers to take all necessary steps.