After the hot dust and heat, 
The rain has a beauty that can't be beat.

Rain brings happiness on warm days, 
The clouds blocking the Sun's rays.

Rain whispers to us as it clatters on the rooftops, 
And as the rain hits the ground, it hops.

Creating a gentle stream, 
Water is much more powerful than it may seem.

It flows and pools, 
And as it hits the face, it cools.

On the smiles of the children's faces, 
And on the baseball field's bases.
On the gentle rose petals, 
It rains down on precious metals.

When the rain ends, it leaves an eerie silence.
All that is beautiful must end; it makes sense.

But the rain will come again.
It will wash away your worries.
So fear not, for the wet wonder will always be there for you.

Rain rain, 
Come my way, 
I'll accept you any day.

Rain will rain, 
u copied and pasted this? from ashley hawkins poem right
The clouds began to come closer
the land became indifferent
but suddenly it became cool,
some small silvery dots 
started dribbling from the sky
loads of pearls and diamonds started falling from the sky.

sry if this is not good. i wrote it in a hurry