Imagine you are a foreigner visiting the town of pataliputra. Though it is no longer flourishing as it was under Ashoka,it is still an important city. Write down what your experience would have been after spending a few days in Pataliputra after doing some research.



I will be happy because in this century no one has seen real Ashoka and i will be the lucky person to see him and to meet chankya the great teacher of that century and to see the greenary from RAJMAHAL
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It would be a achievement to me to see Ashoka Maharaj and it would be my pleasure to meet one of the wisest people who ever lived that is Chankya . I would be very exited to visit places like the Agam Kuan which is an ancient well. My next visit would be to Kumhrar which is an ancient city of Pataliputra. Then i would visit Golghar which is an ancient structure built for storing grains for the British Army due to devastating famine of 1770, which killed nearly 10 million people in regions of Bengal, Bihar and modern day Bangladesh, Warren Hastings. Then i would visit the Gurudwara at Gayeghat.