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Mother teresa's real name was anges gogsha bojaxhiu.she was born in yugoslavia on august 27,1910.she was the youngest of the three sisters.her father was a business 1929 she came to kolkata as mother teresa.she founded nirmal shishu bhawan,premdan and nirmal hriday.she received the padmashree award, the nehru award, the magsaysay award and the nobel prize in 1979 for peace and international outstanding.mother teresa left for her heavenly abode on september 5 ,1997 and was beautified on october 19,2003.
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She born on 26 aug 1910 in skopje  & on 5 sept 1997 she lov 2 help every1 especially the poorest 1 she was founder of MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY  she was respected by noble prize in 1979 in 2003she  named blessed teresa of calcatta
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