your freind has not done as well as she expected to do in her exam. she upset and now blames the teacher for her performence. discuss with your partner what would you do help her get over her dissappointent and to move forward, and help her think about ways to improve her grades in future and not blames other.



First of all I will try to change her thinking. I will tell her that no teacher wants the failure of his student. Second thing, I will try to motivate her by telling her that hard-work is they key of success. I will try to convince her that a determined person can do anything and she must be determined.

Well she can easily improve her marks by practicing hard. She can utilize previous year sample papers. She should study in the group so that her queries related to any subject will no longer. 

Getting good scores are not a value to measure the character of an individual. Tell her dat, if she cant perform well now she can in the future. We are learning not only to get knowledge but also to mold an efficient citizen in the future. So don't be depressed. If u hav confidence and hav a mind to hard work, my dear frnd u will flourish in ur future. Their must be some bad times too. But after some time when we look back, we can see they were our steps to reach our goal..
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