It is the wrong way. we should not through these
Almost 1 billion people are hungry worldwide. On the other hand around 1.5 billion people in the whole world are overweight and 400 million are obese Our country throws away around 30 MILLION tons of perfectly good food every year.That means we're throwing away 30 million tons of leftover food while 50 million people go to sleep hungry. 
I don't have to dig into the math to know that hunger in India is a problem we can actually fix. And with technology, it can be easy and fun to do it.
A 20% reduction in food waste would be enough to feed 25 million Americans.
with tis, u may want to give a thought to the food u r throwing away. conduct school assembly, make good plays,etc. in a way which you think will REALLY make others understand the importance of food.
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