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Chennai floods:The rains have virtually broken a 100 year record with one day's rainfall covering a month's average.

In terms of rescue and relief operations, the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force are already operating out of Chennai, helping authorities in their efforts. Chief Ministers Arvind Kejriwal  and Nitish Kumar have offered their administration’s support. The Karnataka government has offered Rs 5 crore as immediate relief fund .Besides government authorities, NGOs and collectives have come out in large numbers, providing shelter, basic necessities as well as offering manpower in rescue operations. 

In Chennai and elsewhere, the approach to urban governance needs to change. Mundane aspects of city administration like building and maintaining water, drainage and sewage systems, mass transport facilities, etc are ignored as the conversation shifts to concepts like smart cities. Civic bodies need massive infusions of funds, skills and technologies if cities are to become liveable urban spaces. That’s the lesson from the Chennai deluge.
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