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Sherlock Holmes is the legendary great detective who solves even the most baffling cases with astute observation, deductive reasoning and very little people skills. As a "consulting detective," he favors reason and logic above all else and makes very few personal attachments beyond those that benefit him. He calls himself a "high functioning sociopath" because he does not make friends or understand emotions very well, beyond what can be studied. He would make a superior criminal if he were so inclined, but instead he assists the police, and Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade, on their most baffling cases.

Because he has no interest in emotions, he makes no effort to protect those of other people and often comes across as rude, blunt or even cruel, especially to Molly Hooper, the coroner, who has a crush on him.

In addition to Molly, the other people in the world he cares about are Mrs. Hudson, his landlady, who tolerates him keeping science experiments in the fridge and shooting holes in the walls; Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade with New Scotland Yard and Dr. John Watson, who starts out as his roommate and quickly becomes his assistant and chronicler on cases.

Sherlock has a brother, Mycroft, from whom he is estranged. Mycroft goes so far as to refer to himself as

Sherlock's arch enemy, yet they do help each other out when it is absolutely necessary. Sherlock's actual nemesis is master criminal James Moriarty, who is as intelligent as Sherlock, but uses his wits for crime. Sherlock doesn't have girlfriends, but is intrigued by Irene Adler, an intelligent criminal and high end escort.

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and yup.....James Moriarty was also known as a " consulting criminal"......
One thing that's a bit challenging about talking about Holmes's character in 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ' is that most of the spadework establishing what he's like is accomplished in the earlier novels. Conan Doyle assumes that anyone reading his short stories already knows who Holmes is and maybe he's right, because all we really need to know is that Holmes is a great detective.

So we all know that Sherlock Holmes is beyond intelligent – it's pretty much his defining characteristic. Perhaps that's one reason why his forehead always looks giant in those early strand magazine illustrations: his brain is just that big. But did you know that Holmes didn't always know that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not vice versa, at least as of A Study in scarlet? True facts! When he's forced to know something not directly relevant to solving crime, Holmes works hard to forget about it – yup, the exact opposite of almost anyone's approach. One time he even goes so far as to scold Watson for his correction of Holmes's ignorance of the solar system. Watson and Holmes comment on Watson's earliest assessment of Holmes's character

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