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Catching public transport may be up to four times cheaper than travelling in your car (according to RACQ research using a journey of 12km to the Brisbane CBD). It can also save you the cost of buying, maintaining and running additional vehicles.  It may improve your health.
Walking to and from public transport adds valuable minutes to your daily exercise total. Using public transport may also be less stressful than driving yourself, allowing you to read, listen to music or just slow down for a bit in your busy day. 
 is good for the environment.
Public transport is at least twice as energy efficient as private cars; a full bus produces 377 times less carbon monoxide than a full car. Each full standard bus can take more than 50 cars off the road while a full train can take more than 600 cars off the road. h
elps fights congestion.
Congestion is estimated to cost Brisbane tax payers as much as $3 billion by 2020. Up to 18,000 people per hour travel on TransLink busways during peak periods, reducing congestion costs; that's equivalent to about seven lanes of freeway traffic. 
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1.Public transport system save money.
2. Avoid stress of driving.
3. Reduce air pollution.
4. Reduce the traffic jam.