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Planning future is very important as it is your tomorrow for example if you want to become a doctor in future so you will start working on that from that then you will achieve your aim so becoming a doctor is your future and preparing for that is your planning and not only in becoming doctor planning for future is important in any work .and there is one more example and that is if your exams are going to start after 3 weeks or a month so your teachers start completing your course or syllabus from that time .and planning also makes our future bright so planning for future is very very important.
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The word future id really very confusing one knows what will happen in the days parents start planning their child's future as soon as the child is born.but i think its not the right thing.the parents should atleast ask about the child's thoughs.they should try to know that what the child want to become when he or she grows up.there should also be a limit of understanding.if the child wants to become something but it is not a good career then the parents should try to make the child understand and show him or her the right path.if the childs brain is good in the subjects of science then the parents should encourahe their child to become doctor, engineer or somehing else which relates the subjectsbof science.the main importance of planning for future is that the base of a parricular field becomes strong.
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