since the of telangana are not getting thre equal opportunities with that of andra like job opportunities ,and the people of andra were not followed the gentle's men agreement therefore people of telanganaformed sakala janula samme and telangana rastriya samithiand telangana gradually separated from andrapradesh.
He people of Telangana were against integration with the Andhra State. The reasons for the opposition were listed out by the States Reorganisation Commission (SRC), headed by Fazal Ali: "One principal cause of opposition to Vishalandhra" according to the SRC report "seems to be the apprehension felt by the educationally backward people of Telangana that they may be swamped and exploited by the more advanced people of coastal areas." Therefore, the Commission recommended that Telangana should be allowed to continue as a separate entity.In spite of the recommendations made in the SRC report, Congress leaders from coastal Andhra continued their demand for Vishalandhra not only to satisfy the Telugu sentiments but to resolve the economic problems faced by the Andhra state. Vishalandhra was envisaged to "solve the difficult and vexing problem of finding a permanent capital for Andhra." Another advantage was that "if independent political jurisdiction, namely that of Telangana, can be eliminated, the formulation and implementation of plans in the eastern areas in these two great river basins (Krishan and Godavari) will be greatly expedited." It was also felt that the "existing state of Andhra has likewise no coal but will be able to get its supplies from Singereni (located in the Telangana region)."