1st of all u should get ur basic concept cleared up simply by understanding dis dat moonless night called new moon day technicalyis wen u can't see moon a full night long.. bt for an eclipse it is for a short period of tym it can be like u see it fst den it starts to disappears and goes dark and after a certain period starts to come back... now scientificly a new moon day is a day on which dere was no sunlight absorbed by d moon during d day tym on the half which should b visible to us in our rational horizen, so at night we can't see its any illuminated part bton the other side it is being illuminated...the process happens in long period wid d rotation of all three earth sun and the moon at one day u can see full next day it becomes a bit less frm one side and keep on reducing,, dis process is known as wannin of moon,, and after the new moon night (amavasya) d moon starts to come back,, and each day it starts to complete it back,, dis process iz called waxing of moon... and now comes lunar eclipse so eclipse simply is d process of earth cumin in between sun and moon, so moon doesn't absorb light to rebounce back n for a time period according to d speed of ratation we r nt able to see it... i hope i might have satisfied u...
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