1)ask the question
2) some will answer it
3) above every answer it is written that "mark as brainliest"
4) whose answer u like the most mark his/her answer as brainliest..........

is this what u wanted....??????
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Ur profile pic is so nice&nice answer
thank u
its ok☺
pls mark as brainliest
but i dont do this bcs this is only person do who give question
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When you ask a question,some 2 brainly users will answer your question.When they finish answering it you will get a notification saying that those 2 users have answered your question.Then you will have to read their answer and thank them (at the thanks option below their answer).You can also rate their answer(rating option is next to the thanks option i.e below the answer.And when approximate 2 users have answered your question,next to thanks and the rating option,there will be an option "Mark as brainliest".This option will be there for both the answers.Click on the option below the answer which you feel is the best.And then it will be marked as the brainliest.Its so simple.

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