Freely live their life with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity,have complete control of their life, both within and outside of their home and workplace,to make their own choices and decisions,have equal rights to participate in social, religious and public activities,have equal social status in the society,have equal rights for social and economic justice,determine financial and economic choices,get equal opportunity for education,get equal employment opportunity without any gender bias,get safe and comfortable working environment,
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Essay on Talent Even though success in life is clearly determined by both drive and natural talent. I believe that natural talent has the bigger impact towards having success in life. Without natural talent success in life is hard to come by. You cannot have a successful life without natural talent. In order for you to achieve that success you need to apply your natural talent Talent is something that most people use as a reason for their accomplishments. The only source that you can get from talent is the ability to focus. It helps you to focus, As for having a natural talent, even if you lack of determination you are still able to function or to perform. Because in reality no matter how undetermined you are, none of that really matter when you are performing. To be able to function is really the way to accomplish goals such as having to have success in life.
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