This is for ask and u don't need a conversation over it
just considered some points and write a lengthy paragraph.. speak some lines and let ur partner speak some of them....
1.i had so much fun with my family when we went for holiday
2.oh wow it sounds good 
1.yeah we went in delhi in purana quila 
2.oh yeah i have heard about that its really nice place
1.hmm but you know what  there where people who scibble their names on the walls of quila that was very dissapointing i mean they are dirting the beauty of quila 
2.yeah i have too seen so many historical places where people scribble there names actually almost every historical place
1.they should not do things like that i dont understand why even they do such things 
2.they do this to show thier love to thier partners and to the society some people even do such things to attach their names with monuments
1.this is so funny i mean are they stupid dont they realize that no love is shown to the society its just taking the beauty of monument and making them look bad 
2.yeah they are seriously dump i mean people go to historical places to enjoy the beauty of historical places and learn something about our past not to learn some love names and messages 
1.yeah let it be i hope they gain some commonsence and stop doing this cheap things

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