Platyhelminthes are acoelomates and nematoda are pseudo coelomates. Platyhelminthes are hermaphrodite and nematoda have non living cuticle.

mammals give birth to young ones( except platypus) while aves lay eggs. mammals have mammary glands while aves don't. both have 4 legs but aves forelimbs are modified to wings

cnidarian have cnidocytes while Platyhelminthes don't. complicated body structure of Platyhelminthes while cnidarian has a simple body structure.

kingdom Monera has organisms which are unicellular but they are prokaryotic, while Kingdom Protista has organisms which are unicellular and they are eukaryotic. Monera reproduce asexually while protists they reproduce by both asexually and sexually.

bryophytes :- the plant body is on the leafy thalloid and cells are haploid.

pteridophytes:- the plant body is differentiated into roots, leaves, stem, etc. the cells are diploid

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