No according to me our country India is not totally independent because in today's world our country is second by population in the world but have you Ever think that our country is not 1,2,3in the country by resouces .our country is still dependent on other countries like china,America.for example in each and every shops even which are small are having things made in china From tip of pen to all biggest things ,these all are made in china . and most of the the important thing that women of our country are still dependent on men.for example there is her in brother,mother and father there's a bit of her in everyone so if something happens to her it happens to everyone else our country there's no respect for women that's why they have to depend on their men of their family So acc. To me our country India is not totally independent it's still we have to take necessary steps to improve it and make our country India independent
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Our country is not independent true sense. It is so because many of us are still living in past. Still you can get to see in many places of our country where people thinks that girls should not do outside work. Their only duty is to do homework. They cannot study or you can say they are not allowed to study. Girls have still not got the freedom in real sense. People believe in traditions like sati pratha, jauhar etc which shows that we r not fully independent. " If u wanna make India independent then, first of all change your thoughts coz then only u can change India or make it independent"... I hope u all can get my point.. Thank u