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The story is about the grandmother of a 12 year old girl. The grandmother is illiterate and everyone waited for the daily magazine till Wednesday because the transport facilities were not very good. The grandmother used to wait for the daily magazine eagerly. Then she used to bring the magazine to her granddaughter who used to read out the favorite stories to her. For once, she was away from her grandmother. The grandmother felt very sad and began to cry as she thought she was being dependent. When the girl returned she saw her grandmother in tears. On asking her about the reason behind her tears she said that she was being married at a very small age so she could not continue her studies. So she was being dependent on her. Then the grandmother asked that will her granddaughter teach her how to read and write to which the girl agreed. When the girl began teaching her grandmother the girl saw that she completely grasped everything she taught. On, one occasion when the magazine came and the granddaughter was away she started to read by herself and she felt herself independent. When the girl returned and sat beside her grandmother the grandmother touched her feet and said “ I am not touching the feet of my granddaughter rather she was touching the feet of her teacher”.

This is the summary of  “My Grandmother” by Sudha Murthy.