You see a lot of the. people in your locality dumping garbag and litter in one of the empty plots in the area .this leads to a series condition of files ,bacteria and other germs morover strory animal like caes dogs also warsen the situations and the place has turned into a mens .discuss



This practice should be stopped . as the waste ma contain non-biodegradable substances such as plastic which cannot be decomposed by bactria and can lead to soil erosion . the waste support the grwth of bacterias, virus etc... it also supports the growth of many disease carrying vectors such as houseflies and mosquitoes. these bacterias and virus will spread in the environment and can cause communicable disease which will be transferred from one person to another like common cold ,cough and sometimes chronic disease like tuberculoises . the pits should be covered and there should be proper waste disposal system by providing dustbins. the dog catcher team should be informed and the no. of dogs should be reduced. #PLZ MARK IT AS BRAINLIEST#